OCENTRI: Your Dedicated Partner for Sales Results

OCENTRI doesn’t stop until your team wins. That is our promise.

OCENTRI provides a proven approach for your organization’s sales force resulting in a sustainable growth of more than 15% in revenues. We achieve this by combining a unique business analytics model, called SAM, and a proven reflection methodology, called 90ROUNDS©.

SAM & 90ROUNDS© reinforce and enhance each other in:
• Creating a ‘winning mindset’ towards achieve results
• Smart sales processes
• Commitment to growth
• Buying power acquisition policy
• Sustainable customer relations

SAM & 90ROUNDS© is the combination to creating dedicated, highly motivated and successful teams.

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90ROUNDS© is registered by EUIPO number 015220361

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Dedicated Business Analytics
give Smart Insights

SAM analyses all of the available data of your customers. SAM then predicts future results and connects your sales team at the key moments. SAM also validates sales actions and results. These insights give your sales people the confidence and encouragement it takes to win.

SAM provides smart insights

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René Hendriks

Chief Executive Officer

90ROUNDS: Reflection Method
connects SALES & Customer

90ROUNDS achieves Sales results and leads to:
• Transparency
• Focus on buying Power
• Uniform interpretation of available information
• A joint language to work with as a team
• Sustainable improvements in operational results
• A dedicated team with a commitment to get results.

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